Our activities

Created in 1994 the company RST.

We resell any hardware brand, consumables and software,
network hardware and telecom reseller online, service providers, rental scalable.

Strategy and development axes

We have put in place since April 2006, our sales platform estore RST to offer our customers, whatever their geographical position:

  •  The ability to view our prices,


  •  Stocks,


  •  Technical documentation,


  •  Compare several products within a category,


  •  Pass the commands in a few clicks,


  •  Monitor their orders online,


  •  View order history, purchase supplies (multi-sites), invoices and payments.

Customers wishing to place orders recurrent receive a personalized online catalog.

The company continues its development on the distribution of IT products on the platform http://estore.rst.tm.fr.
We expect the integration of new suppliers to extend the current catalog to over 50,000 items.
We are strengthening our partnerships with manufacturers and publishers to maintain a high level of technical expertise.